Hearts that CARE...

Hands that SHARE

Mission, Objectives and Values


To serve the community with commitment and compassion so as to enrich lives, inspire a positive outlook and build resilience in those we serve.


  • To provide community assistance to the poor and underprivileged; to those who are weak and neglected; and to those who are aged or sick;

  • To promote and strengthen relationship between parents and children, spouses, teachers and pupils, peers and among inter-generational family members;
  • To enrich the lives of individuals through engaging and meaningful activities.


Compassion: We value individuals and families and extend our help to them with empathy, concern and care.

Understanding: We listen to our beneficiaries to understand their needs better so that assistance given can create breakthroughs for them, making their lives easier and happier.

Sincerity: We serve with a caring, positive and creative spirit that enables us to plan meaningful programmes that would address specific needs.

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