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Non-Financial Information

Charity & IPC status
Unique Entity Number (UEN): S96SS0198K
Registration with Registry of Societies: Registration Date: 6 Dec 1996
Registration No: 248/1996 WEL
Registration with Commissioner of Charities: Registration Date: 17 May 2002
Registration No: 01564
Institution of Public Character (IPC) status Registration Date: 05 Sep 2019 to 4 Mar 2022
Registration No: IPC000574
Member of National Council of Social Services Registration Date: 12 Mar 2002
Registration No: V00027
S/N Present Members 
Title in Society
 1  Mr Chua Tong Yong President
 2  Ms Tay Bee Soot Secretary
 3  Mr Patrick Wong Yoke Fun  Treasurer
 4  Ms Hui Kam Hoong Assistant Treasurer
 5  Ms Kok Kah Wei Committee Member
 6  Dr Desmond Mao Ren Hao Committee Member
 7  Mr Wong Fook Chye Committee Member
 8  Mr Koh Chia Chee Committee Member
 9  Mr Teo Hak Hong Henry Committee Member
 10  Ms Tan Kwee Choon Committee Member
 11  Ms Tan Kai Lin, Carolin Committee Member
 12  Dr Chua Ping Ping Nelson Committee Member



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