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Hands that SHARE

Eagles Youth celebrated the 14th Day of Chinese New Year with a simple bonding session over Yu Sheng and steamboat. To make this event more meaningful, the youth were tasked to run the whole event with guidance from the staff in-charge. They had to, firstly, learn about budgeting. We brought them to both the wet market and supermarket so that they could compare prices and make wiser decisions on buying. They were also taught nutritional values so that they could choose healthier ingredients for the steamboat. Next, they learnt about food preparation like washing, cutting and marinating.

The youth enjoyed themselves tremendously as they not only got to enjoy a sumptuous meal, but they also gained much knowledge on food purchase and steamboat preparation. Moreover, for most of them, it was the most lively reunion meal they ever had so far.

Eagles Youth Blk 603 Chinese New Year Steamboat Reunion 10 Feb 17
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