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Life is never predictable. Some of us may encounter challenging situations in which we need someone to help us navigate through our issues. At BCARE, we offer counselling services for residents needing assistance in coping and dealing with their stresses in life.

If you are facing changes or challenges that make you feel like you can no longer cope, come talk to us. Our team of trained counsellors will be here to help you process through these difficult phases in your life.

Please call our office at 6340 4161 during working hours or email us at admin@bcare.org.sg to schedule an appointment.

IConnect newsletters

IConnect newsletter is a quarterly newsletter written by our team of counsellors. To access these newsletters, please click on the respective link as follows:

For the year 2021,

For the year 2020,

For the year 2019,

For the year 2018,

For the year 2017,

For the year 2016,

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