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Why do students need care after school hours?

At BCARE, we provide after-school care services to working parents in the community. We have one centre,  namely JOY Connection. The centre provide a secure and nurturing environment for children to enjoy outside of school hours. We ensure that the children are meaningfully engaged in studies and healthy social interaction with their peers and are supported in developing a positive and mutually respectful relationship amongst themselves. At our centre, we also provide small group tuition (fewer than six students) by ex-MOE teachers and experienced private tutors. Our monthly service fee is kept affordable and includes all subjects tuition. MSF subsidy is available for eligible families.

Nurturing young minds

JOY Connection is community-based centre and provides an environment that is pleasant, comfortable, and conducive to children’s growth and development. Our experienced staff use innovative strategies in their teaching and they pay attention to the character development and social emotional development of the children.  The approach used balances care and discipline. Pupils are accorded respect and they are taught to respect self and others.  The centre work towards raising children who are reflective learners who can reason and make responsible decisions.

Our Mission

  • With acceptance and unconditional love, we strive to create an environment conducive for creative learning and play for every child, focusing on his/her total development.
  • With purpose and perseverance, we aim to influence and empower every child to maximize his/her full potential.

The centres are like a home-away-from-home, where our students are looked after by experienced student care staff. Our carefully crafted study programmes serve to nurture the innate talents, creativity and learning potential of every student. The programmes implemented also foster a caring attitude, self and others awareness, and safety consciousness in children.

1. Intellectual – Academic

The Centres work towards supporting the schools the children come from. Supervisors would put children’s homework as a priority and would give children the time and proper place to complete the homework given by their school teachers. Students are supervised in the completion of their homework to instill the sense of responsibility and self-discipline. Our caring staff are always forthcoming when it comes to motivating and guiding students who need more help. The Centres have also designed / prepared additional assignments to further reinforce the school curriculum and to help children keep up with the revision of the topics taught in school.

2. Social – Group Activities & Life Skills

Every child needs to develop life skills in order to succeed as an adult. Personal qualities like integrity, uprightness, determination, resourcefulness, patience, and team work can taught and reinforced in a fun way through group activities.

We organise various social and group activities to provide the platform for our students to experience and understand the meaning of volunteerism, to take part in public speaking, group discussions, and to build teamwork through their engagement in project work. They are also encouraged to participate in performing arts such as drama and music concerts. They are also given workshops to create in them the awareness of cyber wellness.

Many activities are initiated throughout the year to augment our students’ creative thinking and broaden their knowledge beyond textbooks.

Our Centres organise regular field trips to a variety of places. This increases the exposure of the children to the world beyond their home and school. It also invokes their sense of curiosity and the interest to learn more about the world around them. Such “out-of-classroom” learning experiences conducted mostly during the school holidays are very popular among our students.

3. Social Emotional Development and Character Development

Our unique Star Awards Programme aims at promoting self-discipline and encourage the demonstration of acceptable behaviour among our students. The incentive comes in the form of a stamped star. The students can trade their stars for attractive prizes as a reward for their consistent good conduct. The scheme has been very successful in motivating and inspiring the students to always be in their best behaviour. Students who need help are identified, counselled and given strategies to help them tackle their areas of weakness. The students have learnt to do reflection on what they have done and be responsible for their behaviour. Positive behaviours demonstrated are reinforced through recognition and affirmation by the teachers.

Some of the character traits that we focus on in each child are:

  • Attentiveness
  • Obedience
  • Loyalty
  • Orderliness
A joyful environment for creative ideas and learning

In keeping with its name, at JOY Connection, our staff look after and nurture students in a joyous environment. To them, the development of joyful children through meaningful interactions and imaginative lessons is very important. Our students discover and experience the true joy of learning.

Blk 958 Hougang St 91 #01-268 Singapore 530958

School term      : Mon to Fri, 10 am to 7 pm
School holidays: Mon to Fri,   7 am to 7 pm

If you are interested to know more, please contact:
Ms Angela Leong, Centre Manager 
Office hours: Mon to Fri, 10 am to 7 pm
Tel: 6315 4276 or 8533 6386
Email: angelaleong@bcare.org.sg




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