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From a Caregiver: Volunteering Gave Me Healing

From a Caregiver: Volunteering Gave Me Healing

A staff member’s care and outreach to Roland paved the way for him to find meaning through volunteering at FAME Club, where his son is a member.

Seeing that I was hanging out aimlessly at the void deck waiting for my son to finish his session at FAME Club, the staff approached me. He invited me to join FAME Club as a volunteer.

Hence, I started my volunteering journey in October last year. 

I assist with Virtual Reality therapy and encourage the members during activities. 

As a caregiver myself, volunteering has provided me with a therapeutic outlet by giving me a sense of purpose and healing through my service. 

I find the work fulfilling simply by witnessing the joy on the members’ faces.

Although balancing caregiving responsibilities and volunteering can be challenging, I’m committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

To all caregivers out there: You’re not alone; there’s a supportive community here at FAME Club!

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