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Growing Closer Through Volunteering

Growing Closer Through Volunteering

Having been married for 22 years, Ezekiel and Sabrina would still surprise each other with encouraging messages and gifts (which is Sabrina's love language 😊)!

Four years ago, they wanted to make an intentional effort to develop an even stronger bond with each other. Sharing common interests of interacting with people and serving the community, they chose volunteering as a way to grow closer and to help others.

Ezekiel and Sabrina are volunteers at our Senior Activity Centre (SAC), now known as Active Ageing Centre, where they play games, sing karaoke and plan fun festive celebrations for the seniors.

They also volunteer with our Milk Powder & Diaper Assistance programme, delivering these essential items to needy families and taking time to understand their needs through the visits.

Volunteering together has given them the chance to rely on each other more while planning for activities.

They have also learnt to “slow down and enjoy the journey, as life is not about reaching destination after destination.”

They shared, “We get to experience the sheer joy of being a blessing to others, and this is truly a privilege!”

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