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Staying Active After Retirement

Staying Active After Retirement

Every morning, Mdm Teng Sioh Tin travels for an hour to go to her “happy place” – our Senior Connect @603 Centre.

She starts her day at the centre with an hour of exercise. “I used to experience pain here and there. But after exercising regularly, the aches have reduced,” she shared.

After the physical activity, Sioh Tin and the other seniors gather and bond over coffee and snacks.

On top of its regular programme, the centre also conducts workshops such as those on digital skills. In one of the workshops, Sioh Tin learnt how to take better and sharper photos with her handphone.

After retiring from her job as a cook, she experienced a drop in activity. She said, “I would just eat, sleep, eat sleep. Then I won’t be able to sleep at night. It’s not good.”

“Over here, I get to know many friends and join different activities. I’m very happy here.”

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